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The idea

Infrastructure giant Sumou asked us to create a video-mapping show for a gala event promoting their latest project: the new city of Murooj Jeddah in Saudi Arabia.

The canvas

We designed an enormous 32m wide set for the Leylaty ballroom in Saudi Arabia. The central section was designed to open up, allowing a real-life boy to emerge from it during the finale and present a gift to the Prince, who was the guest of honour.

The physics

The set was constructed on-site, so we had no opportunity to run through the show until the day of the event. Luckily, our custom MIMO Mapper software allows for pixel-perfect mapping in minutes.

The experience

The show, which was the biggest of its kind ever seen in Saudi Arabia, went down a storm with the investors and VIPs at the gala.

We love a challenge.

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