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Samsung Unbox Your Phone

The idea

To mark the unboxing of the new Samsung Galaxy S8, Starcom commissioned us to create a jaw-dropping stunt and stream the ad ‘as live’ on ITV and C4.

The canvas

Our giant AR projection-mapping stunt dominated the London skyline on the Thames alter, illuminating the iconic London location from across the river.

The physics

We took ‘live’ media up a gear, with 8 live cameras, over 400 lights, a few million pixels of LED, more than 40 lasers. Blurring the lines between real, reflected, and augmented 3d animation. All mixed with a bespoke composed track by Clearcut Sound.

The experience

Prime time TV viewing on ITV and C4, over 200,000 paid social impressions, a total of 10.5 million people reached online and 3.3 million Youtube views.

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