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Peugeot 208

The idea

Peugeot asked us to help launch its new 208 model with a mighty video-mapping show in Brazil. The projection we designed featured brand new 3D tricks and a slew of 4D effects to fully immerse the audience.

The canvas

The launch took place in Rio de Janeiro, so we used the beautiful Camara Municipal as a projection surface.

The physics

Our 3D and 4D tricks and effects included wind, rain and dazzling headlights. In a futuristic interpretation of the car’s “Let Your Body Drive” campaign, we also designed part of the projection to build itself, based on the movements of a live performer. It used Microsoft Kinect’s motion-sensor technology and real-time rendering to instantly generate graphics that corresponded with the actor’s movements, just like a video game.

The experience

Although the show was experienced live, millions more saw it later on YouTube. It was an instant hit, generating over five million views in its first month. It also received two YouTube trending medals and won the award for the Best Automative Brand Event at the Brand Event Awards.

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