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The idea

To celebrate its 200 year anniversary, we set up a two-way Twitter conversation between Laphroaig and its followers via the hashtag #BigOpinions and a real-time projection show.

The canvas

#BigOpinions were projected 40m wide on Warehouse 1 of Laphroaig's Islay distillery off the west coast of Scotland.

The physics

The projection pulled tweets live from Twitter's API and sent them through a bespoke moderation system designed to prioritise the best entries. The appearance of each tweet was then automatically recorded, packaged up and then returned to the original tweeter via Twitter by satellite.

The experience

Tweeters with #BigOpinions received a reply with their video clip within seconds of sending it. They also received a link to a microsite that automatically displayed all photos and videos for easy cross-platform sharing.

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