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Heineken Cup

The idea

For the Heineken Cup weekend in Dublin, we designed a pop-up penalty shoot-out game with real-time Twitter interactivity to encourage more people to 'get in the game'. We wanted to create something that people could interact with directly but that also showed off the online buzz surrounding the event. We built a virtual penalty shoot-out game and combined it with an animated infographic concept that displayed live sentiment analysis results in real-time.

The canvas

We needed an interesting canvas that was also easy to set up, so we designed a multi-faceted set that could be covered with just one projector.

The physics

The projection displayed live trends and updates from Heineken's #GETINTHEGAME hashtag. The data was collated and incorporated into the projection using a custom application built by our in-house development team. This application also drove the penalty shoot-out interactivity: each successful kick converted into a tweet of support for a chosen team.

The experience

The show was seen by thousands of people over the weekend and more than 400 stepped up to the penalty challenge, generating hundreds more tweets for #GETINTHEGAME.

We love a challenge.

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