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Emotion Tracking Technology

The idea

We were tasked with catching the attention of those who are challenging to divert. The high-profile and world leader-attended event needed an installation that intrigued and obliged attendees to interact and explore.

The canvas

World leaders descended on a well-known luxury ski resort in Switzerland to host a global economic forum. The street front entrances and forum spaces were where the captivating installation would stop passers-by during the day and enchant them by night.

The physics

First of its kind Voxon 3D volumetric display showed shapes and forms which represented questions presented to the user. The digital journey then moved onto the UK’s first curved OLED rental stock – displaying the results of the interactive solution that empirically analysed users’ reaction to content.

The experience

Stunning natural illumination of vivid colours mesmerised users whilst educating them on their emotional connection to various global issues they encountered during their interaction. Their results were shareable via social, providing an opportunity to subtly broadcast opinion.

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