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Broadgate cube

The idea

As part of the Broadgate summer campaign ‘Life Meets Tech,’ we were challenged to create thought-provoking art installation. We came up with ‘Metamorphosis’ - a giant 3.5 x 3.5meter, interactive cube, in Finsbury Avenue Square, Broadgate.

The canvas

Broadgate wanted a creative solution that reflected the spirit and hive of activity in Finsbury Avenue Square, Broadgate, whilst, encouraging people to stop, look, listen and reflect.

The physics

The cube is made up of a combination of digital LED and static mirrored panels. The split between a mix of media and mirrored panels showcase beautiful visual pieces, whilst reflecting the surrounding environment of the bustling London square.

The experience

The instructing text 'don't just look, listen' intrigued visitors to come closer and interact with the installation. Visitors could tweet to our moderated twitter system, receive an instant tweet reply and see the content magically change in front of their eyes.

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