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Nike Shanghai

The idea

Activewear pioneers Nike were looking to bring more to running than a simple park perimeter; add interactive brand content, triggered by passing participants under the cover of darkness, and the Nike Unlimited Unleashed course would spring to life as runners passed.

The canvas

Century Park in Shanghai provides the perfect canvas with numerous potential areas for canvases dotted around the course. And this campaign would utilise as many as possible throughout the running route, from billboards to bus shelters, using a mix of content from the Nike Unlimited campaign. 

The physics

Billboards, bus shelters and custom made LED screens would surround the perimeter of Century Park, lighting the way for the thousands of runners, whose activation would trigger the various points to spring to action, showing a host of global athletes in situ, seamlessly moving alongside the crowd.

The experience

With 5.4 million impacts over the seven day period, Century Park perimeter proved an exceptionally successful immersive experience; runners were free to enjoy the route at any time of day, surrounded by aspirational athletes.

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