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The idea

For satellite telecoms giant Inmarsat we created an interactive LED table like no other, to serve as a permanent installation at Inmarsat HQ and draw users deep into its world of pioneering mobile services.

The canvas

Our challenge was to design a groundbreaking LED table through which Inmarsat could screen its own content. It needed to be visually captivating and flawlessly functional, to take Inmarsat’s meetings and presentations to a whole new technological dimension.

The physics

In order to achieve vibrancy and a seamless flow of content we used a stunning near 1mm pixel pitch LED screen. Innovative gesture tracking technology allowed the table to interact with accompanying video wall screens and a bespoke iPad app.

The experience

Controlled by touch or gesture, this beautifully responsive environment is smooth and slick to work within. Both a digital artwork and state-of-the-art piece of technology - this interactive table is the centre-piece of Inmarsat's next generation meeting room.

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