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Adidas Pure Boost X

The idea

Beijing. Moscow. Tokyo. Shanghai. London. New York. This campaign took the world by storm, stunning audiences in six of the world’s most iconic cities while putting Adidas’ pioneering PureBOOST X sneaker under the spotlight.

The canvas

How to create a next-generation window display that reflects the power and performance of PureBOOST X – a pioneering new sneaker comprised of thousands of individual energy capsules. This was the challenge posed and the challenge we ran with, creating daylight-visible projections around the shoe's distinctive streamlined silhouette.

The physics

Working with varying sizes of window displays, some of which only offered a minimal throw distance for the projectors, we created intricately animated content to be projected across and around a single trainer, while simultaneously syncing with screened background content to create a flowing, pulsating effect. It took 31,000 lumens per square metre to make the projections visible in broad daylight, and a bespoke modular frame system to adapt the content across the six different displays.

The experience

Irrepressible energy. Sheer power. This is what the PureBOOST X offers female athletes, and what our mapping expertise in turn offered PureBOOST X – with the hugely successful campaign due for a re-run. With the artwork concepted, designed, animated and mapped by Pixel Artworks, the displays were an explosive visualisation of the shoe's energy return system – and an imaginative experiment in the versatility of light.

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