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The idea

Hewlett Packard’s latest video monitor plunges video conferencing into the future, packing the pixels with its 4K capability and engaging users’ senses with new technology. We worked with AMVBBDO on a 30-second ad to do justice to HP’s thirst for innovation, using projection instead of a green screen to bring this groundbreaking new technology to life.

The canvas

Just as Hewlett Packard’s mission is to transform the workspace with immersive video conferencing, ours was to transform HP’s advertising stage with compelling projections – surrounding the actor with glittering city skylines and creating something much more convincing than a heavily CGI-d set.

The physics

When the user changes calls, her surroundings explode into something new, bringing home the fact that this technology has the power to transport us into an alternate world. Projecting onto three walls and creating a cocoon of content around the actor, the ad creates a reality beyond which the viewer is accustomed, while keeping the lighting as natural as possible.

The experience

Goodbye slow dial-up and unstable connections. Hello hyper-clarity, colour vibrancy and all-round audio and video immersion. The HP EliteOne 1000 spins video conferencing into something fresh. And with a good injection of PA-style imagination, we did the same for its advertisement.

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