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The idea

Using pioneering developments in projector and media server technology, we recreated one of Fabergé's famous egg pendants 100 times its normal size in the windows of Harrods.

The canvas

The projection, made daylight-visible by sixteen ultra-bright projectors stitched together, was mapped to an enormous scale model egg. Spherical projection canvases are typically the most difficult as they lack the hard edges required for accurate mapping, but a ground-breaking new production tool - D3 4x4 Pro - facilitated pixel-perfect projection.

The physics

The project threw up a number of challenges. The first obstacle was photography. To create perfect 3D models of the original Fabergé pendants, which measure just 15mm high, each design needed to be photographed from 64 different angles and focal lengths.
Brightness was also a problem. Achieving a level that rendered the projection daylight-visible was only possible by covering the egg in an unprecedented 14,500 lumens per sq meter, 200 times brighter than the average night-time projection.

The experience

The installation filled Harrods' famous windows for a whole month in the run-up to Easter and featured a custom interactive interface in store. Shoppers chose their favourite Fabergé design and watch a personalised 3D projection show unfold before their eyes, inspired by their selection. In total, ten exclusive new designs were showcased in emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond variations.

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