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Ellen MacArthur Foundation

The idea

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation wanted something new and inspiring for their annual summit at the Royal Institution, but didn't know what. We used video mapping to dress the venue in beautiful branded projections, featuring dramatic 'stings' and individual speaker introductions.

The canvas

The auditorium at the Royal Institution's Faraday Theatre is perfectly round and has a circular ceiling too, which was perfect for the Foundation's circle-themed branding.

The physics

We used the venue's existing projector to cover the back wall, and two additional upturned HD projectors for the theatre's circular ceiling. The projection was made up of three sting effects, fourteen individual introductions and a series of ambient effects, which were all queued up automatically with a custom media server.

The experience

Over 500 Foundation patrons and VIPs attended the summit, plus Ellen MacArthur herself. "I wanted to say a big thank you for all your efforts in the build up to yesterday," she said. "The feedback we have had has been exceptional and the projections were a highlight for many."

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