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The idea

Fifty days in length. Introducing the world’s biggest projection canvas. Staged in celebration of one of the greatest sporting events of the modern era. This milestone projection was our most ambitious artwork to date – illuminating the roof of London’s O2 Arena in honour of O2’s partnership with England Rugby and the launch of the Rugby World Cup.

The canvas

The roof of the O2 Arena became the world’s biggest projection canvas – a beacon of light visible to skyscrapers, planes and satellites, and covering a staggering 16,000 square metres of surface area.

The physics

The main task was to create an evocative, dazzlingly bright flowering rose projection, burning the significance of the Rugby World Cup into the nation’s consciousness and signifying everlasting support for the team. The job required 68 industrial-strength projectors, each weighing a hefty 60kg, 18 miles of cabling and 1.42 million lumens’ worth of light output – all rigged up at a height of 200m.

The experience

After a poignant opening night featuring a rooftop performance of Jerusalem by million-album-selling soprano Laura White, during which the singer was engulfed by a giant red rose, we went on to turn the O2 into the world’s biggest and brightest Twitter wall. Global rugby fans tweeted over 14,500 messages on the iconic dome and generated 3.5m impressions across social media channels, while the event stirred up 521,000 organic video views of the Rose on the Roof video content and an inferno of press coverage in national newspapers and on primetime TV.

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