WORK: Harrods' interactive, ultra-bright Faberge egg

The world's first daylight visible projections lit up Harrods' famous windows this Easter with pioneering projection technology from our in-house development team and stand-out graphics from the creative studio.

The giant model egg, which was 100 times the size of a Faberge pendant, was the shining centrepiece of the Russian jewellers' five-window takeover, and was covered by an unprecedented 14,500 lumens per sqm...that's around 200 times brighter than one of our regular outdoor projections.

The installation was made possible by a groundbreaking new production tool from D3, which allows us to simulate every aspect of production in the studio before arriving on site.

Aside from the brightness issue, the production team overcame a number of other technical challenges. For example, projector alignment proved tricky as the egg model had no defining corners, but a seamless output was facilitated by high resolution 3D scanning technology.

Photography was another obstacle; we needed ultra-high resolution 360° photos of each of the egg pendants, which in real life are just 15mm high. This presented major issues with depth of field, and each egg required 64 photographs from different focal lengths to create the highly detailed 360° models required.

During the month-long installation, Harrods shoppers could explore the world of Faberge via a custom-designed touch screen. Shoppers chose their favourite pendant design and watched a personalised 3D projection show unfold before their eyes, inspired by their selection. In total, ten exclusive new designs were showcased in emerald, ruby, sapphire and diamond variations.

Special thanks to award-winning window designers JUSTSO, our production partners Optoma and the team at D3 for helping us pull everything together.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 21.04.2015
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