WORK: Written in the Wind

The story: One company’s extraordinary 325-year history. The canvas: the world’s tallest windmill. Here’s what we created for master distiller Nolet…

Eleven generations of family. Over three hundred years of hard work. Drinks brand Nolet is a company with a remarkable heritage. And on occasion of its 325-year anniversary, we teamed up with TBA and CT to curate a spectacular way of celebrating this.

It began with a flight over to Nolet’s flagship Schiedam distillery in The Netherlands, home of ‘Windmill de Nolet’, the world’s tallest windmill. Here, Nolet staged an entire weekend of anniversary merriment. And as a centrepiece for this merriment we projected a ten-minute animation on the most elegant, elevated, element-powered canvas in the northern hemisphere – charting Nolet’s illustrious history, its meticulous craftsmanship and how the art of distilling has been refined over the centuries.

With ten whole minutes and an historic, beautifully shaped structure to play with, we created an epic visual artwork, a burst of light that travelled through the ages –from the Dutch golden age of painting to the industrial revolution, the art deco era, WWII, 80s Americana and the present day. This story was designed to show how Nolet – pioneer of the distillation industry – has maintained its relevance throughout, while celebrating the company’s industriousness, its staying power, with the world.

It was more than a projection. It was a history lesson – for 900 guests at the Nolet distillery and the millions more who experienced it on social media afterwards. After transforming the windmill into a shining time capsule and travelling through the centuries, the projection culminated with a great explosion of fireworks – a suitably epic finale for one family’s epic story.

Posted by James Murray on 03.06.2016
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