WORK: Heineken's Virtual Ruby Stadium at Somerset House

To celebrate its partnership with the Rugby World Cup, Heineken asked us to transform Somerset House into a giant rugby stadium.

Any sports fan will tell you that the best thing about watching any game live is the atmosphere: the sheer size of the stadium, the cheering of the crowd, the electricity that comes from thousands of people coming together to support the team they love. There’s nothing quite like it. To celebrate its partnership with the Rugby World Cup, Heineken asked us to recreate that atmosphere with an immersive, 270° projection mapping show for a VIP launch party.

Creating a virtual Twickenham is no mean feat, but fortunately, we had an extraordinary canvas to work with: the iconic Somerset House. The projection tied in with a competition Heineken ran to give away its famous coin toss to one lucky rugby fan and was specifically designed by our animators to create a realistic ‘on the pitch’ experience.

The event was part of a huge launch party attended by rugby royalty Jonah Lomu, Will Carling, Matt Dawson, Scott Quinnell and John Smith, not to mention the thousands of sports fans who enjoyed the show with a Heineken in hand. The event was covered by The Daily Mail, The Guardian and other high-profile media outlets, and the video notched up 608,000 Facebook views and over 80,000 YouTube hits in its first 24 hours. Watch it yourself here.

Posted by Emily Gibson on 17.09.2015
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