IDEA: Architectural Mapping

Our indoor team is used to mapping on to unusual things. We’ve projected on pretty much everything, from cars to shoes, bicycles and bottles. Often we design custom sets to map, but sometimes it’s possible to use the interior architecture of a venue as a projection canvas.

It’s a cool, unexpected take on venue dressing, and it’s cost-effective, too. Here are some of our favourite architectural projection mapping shows:
Mark Cavendish archway mapping

We’d projection mapped a bike for cycling hotshot Mark Cavendish before, but for the launch of his collaboration with Specialized, the beautiful arches of the Yard in Shoreditch were just too good not to use. We used six projectors to blend content across six archways, creating the illusion that Cavendish was whizzing by at top speed.

Nokia Lumia architectural projection mapping

Nokia’s new Lumia mobile phone came with a best-in-class camera, so to show it off at the launch we took photos of guests as they arrived and incorporated them into this architectural projection mapping show at 3 Olaf Street. The projection worked fantastically with the venue’s white walls and unusual alcoves, displaying pre-rendered branded content alongside the pictures taken just minutes before.

Celesio 180° projections in Berlin

For an internal event for Celesio, we dressed an entire venue exclusively with projections. The project used a dozen projectors and blended content to send 3D video-mapping effects all around the room, creating a 100% on-brand and totally immersive environment.

Posted by Emily Gibson on 07.06.2014
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