The dazzling potential of wireless pixel technology

Inside or out, wireless pixels use innovative, new technology to create the most memorable experiences in spectacular light displays.

Bring alive an empty stadium, glittering in waves of light that dance and swirl to captivate your audience. Make iconic skylines visible for miles, emitting light in a million different hues and pattern formations. The potential is endless.

This latest light technology uses suction devices that take wireless pixel technology to new heights, and delivers many valuable benefits:
• Long-lasting; it can offer up to a week’s worth of show content.
• Branded content, such as logos and shapes, can be incorporated into the installation.
• Skyline visibility is incredible, much greater than traditional projection light displays.
• Enable stealth markers to exhilarate your audience with AR projections.
• Emitting light directly, it is less reliant on internal lighting conditions or reflection.
• Quick to deploy, using rope-access teams.
• No location opposite is required to set up equipment.
• Powered by batteries or even solar energy.

Light has never been so playful. With such intricately stunning displays, you’ll be amazed at how easy this new wireless pixel technology is to install.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 11.07.2021
We're pioneering specialists in light + pixel technology. We turn any surface or environment into amazing content using projection-mapping, OLED/LED or lighting design. We create brand impact, powerful storytelling and technical innovation.
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