We Are Hiring: Senior VFX Motion Graphics Artist

The studio is looking for a new VFX master to join our team.

Us: An innovative creative studio, specialising in immersive digital art. What we do isn’t restricted to the screen in front of you, and we need someone who has proven they can think and create outside of the box. Virtual reality, PR stunts and stunning visuals will be on your plate every day. And when you’re not flexing your creative cogs in the lab, you’ll most likely be out watching your latest creation light up a cityscape. Anything is possible.

You: A senior motion graphics artist who knows good work from astounding masterpieces. After Effects and C4D are your oldest friends, and you might even find yourself teaching us a few tricks. The ability to take on a project from concept to delivery is paramount, and you’ll thrive at leading the pack on new digital adventures. Producing immaculate 2D and 3D animation will be second nature, but seeing it bring the millennium dome to life might be new to you!  

What we’re looking for:
Solid knowledge of C4D and Adobe After Effects; we want you to bring expertise to the table and really push the studio to the next level.
Over 8 years experience in motion graphics and experience leading a creative team.
Art direction and good old communication.
Excellent 2D and 3D animation skills.
Experience with Nuke, Python, Realflow, Character Rigging, Touch Designer and VR (particularly with Oculus Rift) is a bonus!  

What you’re looking for:
A studio built on energy, complete with a Creative Lab for all your experimental visual needs.
A refresh. So you have the skills, and want to take them to the next level. Come venture beyond the screen; the delights of seeing your work in a live tangible form will be unparalleled, trust us.
Excitement. An oldie but goodie. Not everyone does what we do, so there is always lots to learn. And who wouldn’t want to get involved with the visual future of world leading brands such as Nike, Disney, Coca Cola and Guinness to name but a few!  

If you’re still reading, you might just have what it takes. Send your cover letter and showreel through to jobs@projectionartworks.com

Due to the amount of responses we are only able to contact successful candidates. We consider all serious applications, but if you haven’t heard from us within 1 month you have not been successful. Salary is DOE. We wish you all the best!
Posted by Emily Gibson on 02.07.2015
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