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Why is Projection Artworks like a platypus?

The duck-billed platypus is a unique and peculiar beast. So peculiar, in fact, that a pelt and artist’s sketch sent to England in 1799 were instantly dismissed as a wind-up by incredulous naturalists. And who could blame them? Here was a furry, venomous, egg-popping beast with the face of a duck, the feet of an otter and the body of a beaver. Of course, the platypus wasn't a hoax at all. A curious mash-up of bird, mammal and reptile, it was 100% real, an evolutionary masterpiece perfectly balanced to thrive in its native Tasmania. Which, from the nasty-looking spurs the males have on the back of their feet, doesn't look a very fun place to live at all. We reckon we've got a lot in common with the old platypus. Well, not aesthetically. But we’ve definitely evolved to our environment with a unique mix of specialist skills. For example, we’re the only projection company with its own in-house creative studio. And nobody else has their own team of full-time interactive developers. While the platypus has its webbed feet and cheek pouches, we have…a whole production warehouse in West London, our not-so-secret laboratory where all our bright ideas are first put into practice. You get the idea. The point is, the platypus has lasted for millions of years with its unique abilities. We've only been here for nine, but things have changed a lot since our founder Tom set up shop with a projector on the back of a tricycle, projecting pigs on Scotland Yard for Jamie Oliver and ladies in their underwear for Gok Wan. Our one-man band is now a twenty-strong crew of creatives, production experts and developers, working together to push what was once our tiny niche into the wider world. (Alas, the tricycle was eBayed years ago.)

We’ve even changed our name from Projection Advertising to Projection Artworks, which better reflects all the things we do besides advertising. Event production, creative services, custom software development…the works. In short, everything to keep us ahead of the curve in the fast-paced marketing industry. And to do justice to this expansion in repertoire, we've had ourselves a bit of a makeover. With a new name, a new website and a new showreel featuring our best and brightest work from the last year, we're beginning 2014 with a bang.

Posted by Emily Gibson on 20.02.2014
We're pioneering specialists in light + pixel technology. We turn any surface or environment into amazing content using projection-mapping, OLED/LED or lighting design. We create brand impact, powerful storytelling and technical innovation.
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