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Testing the first 3D volumetric display

It was snowing heavily when our production team were transporting the first-of-its-kind volumetric display for trials and testing in Switzerland. They didn’t let the cold conditions dampen their moods, as they wrapped up warm and set about testing the new interactive solution.

The 3D holographic does look good on camera, although it’s not as bright in real-life as had hoped. That said, it is still pretty cool to view a 3D, real-time hologram from any angle without glasses or headsets.

In simple terms, Voxon is a high-speed digital light engine. Voxon is capable of projecting over half a billion points of light every second into physical volumetric space. Our team integrated this new technology with face detection software to emotionally track users’ reactions to content.

The final production was stunning - but this didn’t come without its challenges - our client chose to buy Voxon display case online before seeing it in the flesh. It mechanics were much louder than they had anticipated and a late shipment meant we didn’t have much time to experiment. We always recommend appropriate time to test and play – and its best bit of the job for the tech guys!
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
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