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Projection Artworks has been making waves in the world of retail, adding immersive layers to in-store environments to make shopping infinitely more memorable. Proof of this is our recent work for Nestlé’s Quality Street, which led to a remarkable 41% increase in customer sales.

How to tell a compelling company narrative, create emotional bonds with your customers and bring your brand to vivid life? Within the highly competitive confectionary industry – where chocolate lovers flit between sugary treats as easily as a commitment phobe does first dates – simply stashing shelves with shiny wrappers no longer cuts it. This is what we helped confectionary giant Nestlé come to realise, via an interactive in-aisle showstopper for its Quality Street brand.

Quality, after all, goes beyond the product itself. Quality comes from experience. So we brightened the aisles of ten key Asda supermarkets with lively projection-mapped POS units – designed to delight confectionary customers while imprinting the brand story of Quality Street on their consciousness. How? By applying our revolutionary cloud-based DisplayMapper software, its powerful daylight-visible capability and an ultra-bright projector, then projecting a series of seven-second animated scenes onto a shelf header to tie in with Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas.

The story, the scene, unfolded with the seasons, charming shoppers, arousing their curiosity, and – in a country where per capita confectionery consumption is among the highest in the world – making them choose Quality Street over another brand. 

The animated content we created for Nestlé, in collaboration with creative agency Anthem, helped combat a fierce period of confectionary competition and led to an impressive 41% uplift in Quality Street sales. Significantly increasing profits, helping to shape one brand’s ongoing story and putting pleasure back in the shopping trolley: we believe a whole new era for point-of-sale display – and for retail – has begun.

See the case study here 

Posted by James Murray on 13.04.2016
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