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Forget tedious talks by the photocopier in a soulless grey office. Projection Artworks’ HQ is the antithesis of this – a state-of-the-art interactive new space in which to lose yourself, amuse yourself and experience unstoppably powerful projection technology in the making.

Many hands make light work, as the saying goes. But what’s the use of many hands if you haven’t got ample room to accommodate them? So – it’s official. Projection Artworks has outgrown its former studio and showroom in Farringdon and relocated to a spanking new headquarters in North London’s Highgate Studios – a 4,000-square-foot space designed to nurture innovation, inspire creation, bring some fun and frivolity to the working environment, reflect our passionate belief in the drama of immersive experiences and reveal the power of digital technology to all.

What are we known for? For thinking differently. For outlandish stunts, audacious visions, for being the creators of pioneering interactive technologies, ground-breaking mapping spectaculars and entire alternate worlds-within-worlds. And – while we like to walk the walk rather than just talk the talk – our new space is designed to demonstrate all of the above. As was the recent party that we threw – a high energy evening of gin cocktails, live VJ sets and intrepid explorations into the limitless possibilities of light, enjoyed by over 200 friends and clients.

But if you missed the party, we hope you’ll pay us a visit soon – and expect much more than a lukewarm Nespresso and plate of chocolate Bourbons. We’ll show you immersive rooms, projection-mapped meeting spaces, cutting-edge digital installations, a specially commissioned neon artwork by acclaimed lettering artist Ged Palmer and plenty of things to play around with in the way of projection – such as a camera system that recreates your face as a 3D digital particle cloud.

This is the dawning of a whole new era for Projection Artworks. With more space, more projects, more clients, a rapidly growing number of staff and an ever-expanding collective brainpower, there will be no stopping us. Come and see what we’re all about and experience a workspace that has fired us – and we hope you – to greater heights.

Posted by James Murray on 03.06.2016
We're pioneering specialists in light + pixel technology. We turn any surface or environment into amazing content using projection-mapping, OLED/LED or lighting design. We create brand impact, powerful storytelling and technical innovation.
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