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SOMNAI, London’s newest immersive experience, premiered on 1 March 2018. It has been reviewed by Timeout London, amongst many other lifestyle publications, as ‘the next best thing in London since punch-drunk’ – and we can happily vouch for that, having been invited to go!

SOMNAI invites guests to explore the realm of lucid dreaming and master their subconscious minds through immersive live-theatre. The experience sends you through an exploratory mix of heightened emotions, with your journey finally culminating in the S-shaped projection-mapped cocktail bar - enter Projection Artworks.

A giant S-shape certainly isn’t the easiest of shapes to project content onto, the surface of which was super dark creates many challenges for projection itself.

With this in mind, our production manager leading this project had to create an attractive-looking design to mask the projectors, whilst building a bespoke system to ensure the projectors were mapped to the correct points of the bar.

The content had to be seamless, fluid and imaginative - dream-like, really. Rendered in higher resolution than HD, this allowed the installation to be viewed at close range with the possibility of being heavily photographed.

And the delivery needed to be seamless too, ensuring visitors were kept immersed in the experience.

Every project we work on is completely unique; and we have to admit, the smoothest installations and shows are those where we have control over all areas of delivery. It prevents collisions of responsibility, as well as lapses in communication, which only results in mistakes.

We believe this applies to any situation, not just our industry. If you appoint a branding agency, you wouldn’t get one agency to complete the copy and another separate agency to work on the design; the two won’t complement each other, nor will the result be as coherent or high-quality. It may seem scary handing over the reins and budget of your project to one company, but it doesn’t disappoint - in fact, we notice a habit of exceeding expectations and getting more than you bargained for.

Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
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