FEATURE: Ten Is The Magic Number

Event magazine recently published an article listing the five most impressive projection mapping stunts of the last year, and we’re proud to be the creator of every single one of them. Here, we’ve thrown a further five in the mix, making up a PA ten-year anniversary top ten.

From the O2’s Wear the Rose campaign, for which we transformed the world’s biggest mapping canvas into a monumental tribute to the Rugby World Cup, to Harrods’ smaller-scale yet infinitely intricate projection on a 1.5m 3D Fabergé egg, our recent escapades have taken all shapes and sizes. For Heineken we made Somerset House explode into a sports stadium, Rapunzel’s locks flow down a hot pink OXO Tower for John Frieda, and Neptune, god of the sea, rise majestically on the White Cliffs of Dover for the National Trust. And, much as we’re grateful to Event magazine for bringing attention to these five recent Projection Artworks creations, we think there’s a few more worth writing home about. See below for our additional five, making up a triumphant ten-year anniversary top ten.

This coming decade promises to be a big one for projection mapping. Shows are getting bigger, production crews bolder, consumer expectations greater. And, with the advent of complex new technologies, the medium is being steered into exciting new territories. Here’s what’s happened on our territory over the course of the last decade. Stay tuned for what’s next.


1. O2’s Wear the Rose roof at The O2

2. John Frieda’s OXO Tower stunt

3. Harrods' Fabergé egg

4. Heineken's transformation of Somerset House

5. National Trust’s Neptune rising


6. Let’s glance back a few years to 2010, when we took Tokyo by storm with a sensational projection mapping show for the premiere of cult Disney movie TRON Legacy. Bringing Tokyo’s iconic Meiji Memorial Picture Gallery to life with electrifying graphics, it was a fittingly high-flying show for the world’s most futuristic city.
See the full project  here 

7. We ignited the hot London skyline for Heineken, with a summer stunt on Europe’s largest brick building. Following on from landmark shows on the same canvas for Nike, Nintendo, Bear Grylls and many others, this spectacular projection mapping show turned Battersea Power Station into a giant green beacon of light, rendering audio-reactive 3D effects in real-time to the beat of live music by Jungle.
See the full project here

8. We flew the flag for British Airways with a 4D mapping show on a scale-model A380 aircraft, to celebrate the airline's inaugural flight from London to Singapore. Producing animations to work from five different angles, this piece played with perspective in innovative new ways, pushing the boundaries of projection as medium.
See the full project here 

 9. Back in 2011, our work for Sensodyne ushered in a new era of interactivity for Projection Artworks – a bravely experiential piece that turned London’s Science Museum into a vast crumbling wall. Triggered by an interactive accelerometer-loaded punch bag, it motivated the audience and some unsuspecting passersby to get involved.
See the full project here

10. We created a show at London’s Honourable Artillery Company in Shoreditch, as the centrepiece for NABS’ summer ball.  In honour of our ten-year anniversary, we gave ourselves just a ten-hour window to bring new meaning to traditional craft, with projections born of ‘analogue’ techniques such as embroidery, stop-motion animation and hand-drawn illustration.
See the full project  here

Posted by James Murray on 29.02.2016
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