Interactivity for interactivity sake? We don’t think so.

Functionality meets design; a coveted combination every designer strives to implement. This isn’t just relevant to the technology industry, it is a concept that applies to the majority of design. When an element of interactivity is introduced into the design process, the resulting experience is transformed from a passive one to an active one. As a result, the thing in question then becomes more intriguing, which increases attraction, and generally makes the experience more memorable. As our attention spans are limited – it is said that on average a person’s concentration will last for approx. 8 seconds* - herein lies a key motive to embrace interactivity. Interactive Content Generates 2x More Conversions Than Passive Content.**

We recently collaborated with digital visual artist, Rupert Newman, to design an interactive gin-infused space for Bombay Sapphire as part of their #StirCreativity campaign. Event attendees could alter the projection-mapped content through touch to reveal new designs. The personal involvement and real-time results means the audience care more, therefore they’re more likely to cross-channel share too.

Here is a preview:

Instead of focusing on the gin itself, the entire event was geared more towards the interactive and creative elements of mixology and other art forms. It would be difficult to doubt that this event didn’t encourage brand loyalty and leave visitors with a warm feeling, although we suspect the gin may have had a little something to do with that as well.

There’s really only one question you need to ask, and that is ‘what’s in it for the audience?’ There are usually many positives to using interactivity - but do plan, as it can be a costly mistake if not entirely thought through.


** Kapost
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 30.08.2018
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