The challenge of engaging a free-flowing audience

Dubai International Airport

When designing and installing 10 epic LED sculptures in Terminal 3 of Dubai's International Airport, we were presented with the challenge of engaging an audience, sometimes free-flowing and at other times in a queue, in a daylight environment. However, immersive technology can still be used in several innovative ways to elevate their experience in these situations.

With social distancing allowing for more space in the queues, using a QR code can give visitors imaginative AR content to interact with as they wait. Activating the code, imagine how users can play with and follow AR content, such as flying butterflies or iridescent fish, as they make their way through the installation. Their interactions may generate pop-ups, where they can select to learn more about a relative topic – this could be used for educational purposes or entertainment to keep children amused. Calls-to-action may also appear to encourage the user to take designated actions. Furthermore, the immersive experience doesn't end when they leave the building. This content can be taken home, played with, explored and shared to extend the experience.

At Pixel Artworks, we always strive to be at the cutting edge of immersive technology. As we explore its creative potential to weave together the virtual and the real-life into an incredible hybrid world, we can't wait for what the future holds.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 11.07.2021
We're pioneering specialists in light + pixel technology. We turn any surface or environment into amazing content using projection-mapping, OLED/LED or lighting design. We create brand impact, powerful storytelling and technical innovation.
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