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When are you ever disappointed by making something better?

Here at Projection Artworks we live by the mantra, ‘Go Big or Go Home’. And that was certainly the approach taken on our recent project with Beats. Our clients took our advice to make the show bigger, and more importantly, better! We did by coordinating wirelessly integrated lighting on the London Eye with lighting and a projection show on County Hall - this time, with audio too.

The show utilised of some of the brightest projectors currently available on the market, and took advantage the façade and lighting of London Marriott Hotel County Hall. The inclusion of the London Eye helped take the show from being great to outstanding.

Managing, producing or curating a show is already consuming, so sometimes it is better to stop and ask - why not go that extra mile? Of course, this is much easier said than done - but with the right ideas, creative direction and support the results can be exceptional.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
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