Masters of glass projection

Masters of glass projection

A late-night finish inevitably means some very tired production people – but this didn’t stop us feeling ecstatic when Sadiq Khan tweeted our video edit to his 800k+ followers!

Mayor Khan’s tweet wasn’t the only reason that this project became a first for us. This was the first time anyone had projection mapped 3D motion content on to this complex transparent canvas. City Hall, whilst being a beautiful and iconic building, has a complex multifaceted glass surface which is extremely challenging to project onto - with still content alone. Add motion into the mix and you have seriously taken it to the next level of complexity.

This is exactly what we did to launch the beginning of the MTV EMA Awards. MTV commissioned us to take over the London skyline with their infamous awards artwork, introducing Rita Ora as the evening’s host.

Bold patterns shone on the glass surface from some of the brightest projectors on the market – making this project one of greatness.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
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