Emotion Tracking

The future of data collecting?

Data no longer needs to be a dull looking excel sheet with rows of numbers and columns of formulas. The purpose and use of data has evolved from research and understanding trends to leading innovation, driving inspiration - and even creating artwork.

Visually stimulating and exciting data displays aren’t the only change we are seeing; there has been a significant shift in the type of data we are interested in collecting, the way in which we capture it and how we use it.

Recent technological advancements allow us to track emotions and reactions using facial and emotion tracking software. Gone are the days when all we could determine on a subject was name, email address and postcode; we can now understand and collate more in-depth demographics giving us the ability to understand how an artwork, advert, or product made the individual feel.

This invaluable information can only help companies gain better business insights to adapt their communications, artwork and products to better suit their target market. And what with privacy rights becoming such a hot topic since the GDPR law was enforced this also prevents aimless storing of personal data of an individual.

Our team at Projection Artworks have only just scratched the surface of what is possible with our project in Davos for the ‘World Economic Forum.’ Using machine learning software - also known as deep learning software - we tracked user’s emotional reactions to real global issues sorted under categories such as happy, sad, angry and confused and displayed the results in a captivating piece of digital artwork across six flexible OLED screens.

Next step, let’s start predicting…

Posted by Lauren Abbott on 02.07.2018
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