The emergence of drone technology

Painting the sky with light.

Our top 4 drone show spectacles

From light and pixel installations at ground-level, a hugely exciting creative opportunity is emerging to extend that experience into the sky with light and drone technology. 

This is a relatively new arena in creative technology, but there have already been some brilliant and beautiful productions. Here are our top four:

1) The World Record 2020 for the Most Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)

Taking place on 20th September 2021 in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China, Shenzhen Damoda Intelligent Control Technology Co., Ltd broke the world record to simultaneously fly 3,051 UAVs. Delivering on awe-inspiring levels of volume and complexity, this was the ultimate demonstration of the potential swarming drone shows and their filming.

2) ODESZA - Live with Drones at Coachella 2018

This performance demonstrated a perfect harmony between music, lights and drone technology. With a beautiful integration between the stage video content and 420 flying drones, the lighting pulsated up the screen and into the air, reflecting the beat of the music, mirroring the build of excitement and creating a breathtakingly thrilling experience for its onlookers.

3) Telekom - T-Mobile 5G, Germany

T-Mobile’s use of 300 drones to create clear branding, through text and imaging in the sky was an excellent example of the potential opportunities drone shows offer for boosting brand awareness. Its display was big, bold and very shareable, making it very of-the-moment in today's marketing. This technique of writing in the sky is rapidly evolving in its ability to ‘join the dots’ and create more complex shapes and images, presenting a remarkable brand opportunity.

4) Netherlands Liberation Day, Rotterdam – Live performance by Joep Beving

Marking the 75th anniversary of Liberation Day, this performance, curated by Studio Drift, was an incredible example of how to use city skylines to create an amazing sense of scale with a drone show. 300 swarming drones were used to create the Franchise Freedom installation. Using a classical soundtrack, the dancing drones framed the cityscape magically, as the shimmering reflections in the water added to this event's magnificence. The use of the cameras, moving around the 3D heart, created by the drones, captured the spectacular, volumetric nature of this production, demonstrating the 3D possibilities for shows of this kind.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 11.07.2021
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