Flying with drones

Four potential markets for drone shows.

As we get further into 2021, and, with all being well, restrictions begin to ease, we see drone shows taking centre stage in four primary markets:


Places where large-scale visual spectacles are a given on-stage. Now, there is the potential to take this extravaganza to the sky.

National celebrations

As demonstrated by China’s record-breaking attempt, and, more recently by London's New Year celebrations, we have the technology to create light shows, combining swarming drones, fireworks and pyrotechnics to spectacular effect for momentous occasions.

Skyline takeovers

The Netherlands Liberation Day show was the perfect example of how iconic cityscapes can be incorporated into drone shows to create visually epic effects. By coupling drone potential with other light technology to augment the template, brands could have their ultimate moment in the sky that everyone will talk about.

Sporting events

The possibilities of using drone technology for sporting events is immense. Whether it's super cool halftime shows and launch parties or a stunning light-painted sky at night during late F1 circuits, spectators are likely to be treated to a whole new magnificent display over and above the sport itself.

Light technology couldn’t be in a more exhilarating place right now. We’re at the threshold of a whole new world of technology, from immersive and personalised digital experiences to drone technology in the sky. As we begin to learn and understand more, spectators can look forward to breathtaking experiences on levels never seen before.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 11.07.2021
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