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We partnered up with Nike to turn Shanghai’s Century Park into a digital playground for the hot-footed.

Nike’s mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world, and we teamed up with this boss of all sports brands to help realise an Eastern-oriented segment of the mission and inspire every athlete in Shanghai’s Century Park.

Picture a 140-hectare urban oasis of meadows, lakes and forests in the middle of downtown Shanghai. A place of greenery and open spaces. And for all those fitness-conscious people craving fresh air and exercise, yet residing in a 15-million-strong city of sky-high concrete, frenetic traffic and incessant neon lights: their daily Mecca.

Century Park has no shortage of runners, but what we wanted to offer these athletes was a running experience that went above and beyond mindlessly pounding tarmac around a city park perimeter. We wanted to inspire, energise and activate the masses, while transforming a leafy city park into a dazzling digital playground. And we did this by emblazing everything from bus shelters to billboards to custom-made LED screens with interactive content from the Nike Unlimited Campaign.

With the campaign unfolding by day and continuing into nightfall, runners were drawn to Century Park in their thousands – triggering content as they powered past. Alongside real-life runners a host of global athletes appeared, seemingly moving side by side in a mesmerising, motivating fanfare of footsteps, a cyclone of brilliant light.

What the campaign achieved and the runners experienced was something truly out of the ordinary – a feeling of unity, collective power, that thrill of crossing the finish line while being buoyed on by world’s best.

And while Nike’s marketing strategy has long used the centuries-old archteype of heroism to tell its story, this campaign turned every runner in Shanghai into a hero – while transforming Century Park from a beautiful urban retreat into a pulsing, adrenalin-fuelled global stage.

Posted by James Murray on 07.11.2016
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