COMMENT: Awesome Social Media Marketing

Nowadays it’s not enough just to pump out generic marketing content from corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts. After all, social media is a two-way street.

We reckon the real trick is not to shout about your stuff, but to get others to do it for you. Courting big influencers through blogger outreach programmes and sponsored content is pretty standard, but brands are now taking things a step further by growing armies of brand ambassadors from the general public. We love the idea of incentivising consumers to spread their brand love organically through social media platforms. We've even been doing it in some of our own work, like the pop-up, Twitter-interactive penalty shoot-out game we created for the Heineken Cup. Here are our top three examples of social media marketing gone right.

1. MINI Space #MINIartbeat
Last summer a MINI bedecked with 48,000 LEDs took to the streets of London for its #MINIartbeat campaign. Fans could stream their own content onto the car via Facebook app, Vine video or the MINI Space microsite. Watch the video here.

2. Marc Jacobs' Daisy Tweet Shop
Our new favourite is Marc Jacobs’ pop-up Daisy Tweet Shop, which opened last month at New York Fashion Week. Fans of the Jacobs’ signature fragrance could trade in tweets, Instagram and Facebook posts for Daisy perfumes and accessories.

3. Starbucks Tweet-a-Coffee
While Marc Jacobs is swapping swag for tweets, Starbucks has worked out how to drum up social media buzz and get paid at the same time. Last year it rolled out its ‘Tweet a Coffee’ concept in the US and Canada, which allows people to send $5 gift cards to fellow coffee lovers via Twitter. Starbucks doesn’t always get it right though – let’s not forget that Twitter wall gaffe everyone still remembers from 2012.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 25.03.2014
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