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How do you ever grow or feel inspired if you don’t share? When you talk through an idea with like-minded friends, that idea only ever evolves. It really is all about collaboration. 

Collaboration is essentially just another word for teamwork and it can build a powerful partnership which has the potential to create some of the best work you can produce. It is more than just fusing creative energy; working in collaboration broadens your horizons and skill set. Here at Projection Artworks, we house the skills to concept, create and deliver a full show, event or permanent installation. We also appreciate that we have not mastered every style -  so we collaborate with artists from around the world.

Last summer, Broadgate commissioned us to create a thought-provoking art installation as part of the Broadgate summer campaign ‘Life Meets Tech.’

‘Metamorphosis’ -  the giant 3.5 x 3.5meter, interactive cube, in Finsbury Avenue Square, was made up of a combination of digital LED and static mirrored panels. The split between a mix of media and mirrored panels will showcase beautiful visual pieces, whilst reflecting the surrounding environment of the square, and homing in on the theme ‘Life Meets Tech.

For this particular installation we collaborated with renowned digital display artist, Rupert Newman to produce the content. Newman has previously produced spectacular animated artwork and video mapping for high-profile events around the UK and Europe.

To embody the spirit and hive of activity in Finsbury Avenue Square, the visual content displayed a range of animated geometric shapes, animal prints and cutting-edge designs; a vivid rainbow of colours that morphed fluidly into each other, alongside a soothing soundtrack.

Rupert Newman explains the thought behind his concept:

“The animated designs displayed on the cube are a stark contrast to the surrounding environment that aim to add intrigue and a splash of colour to people’s day. I encourage people to stop and reflect on the piece for a few minutes, and perhaps that will lead them on a more harmonious path that day.”

The concept was extremely reflective of Newman’s style and allowed us to see our work in a whole different light. Working with compatible artists really can complement and enhance your work.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
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