‘Tis the Season for Christmas Projections

Why do we love Christmas so much here at Projection Artworks?

It’s just not the mulled wine, delivery of mince pies and panatone, festive jumpers, fancy dress parties and general feeling of sociable love. It is mostly because it is oh so lovely and DARK! This means that shows can start much earlier, giving more audiences the opportunity to experience an epic projection mapping and lighting spectacular.

If you are anything like our team you may still have the Havaianas out, however in the build up to planning for the festive season we wanted to give the gift of giving a little earlier this year. We’ve visited the ghost of Christmas past and found our Top 5 favourite Christmas activations using interactive technology, lighting and projection mapping.

5 - Precious Moments for Mikimoto Jewelry
A beautiful example that proves that projection mapping content doesn’t always need to be digital trace lines and ‘tron’, rather can be elegant and simple.

YouTube Mikimoto Video

4 - Lights of Christmas, Sydney
As part of their annual Christmas celebrations the St. Mary’s Cathedral in Sydney is turned into an epic light show, each year bringing a new theme and different story of Christmas to life.  A great example of classic projection mapping done well with a twist on the theme each year to give variety to the same canvas.  We love it.

Photo credit: James Horan 

Light Show YouTube Video

3 - The Canadian Tire Christmas Spirit Tree
An oldie but a goodie…  We love how a simple interactive trigger, like a Tweet or message powered by social media can fuel and augment the pixel mapped animation on something so simple as the lights on a Christmas Tree.

YouTube Christmas Tree Video

2 - Marmite Christmas Lights
Love it or hate it Marmite does it again with these interactive Oxford Street Christmas lights.  We love the personalisation on a monumental scale!

Photo credit: PR Week 

YouTube Marmite Christmas Lights Video

1 - Coca-Cola Christmas Truck
It wouldn’t be Christmas without the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck.  Adding an additional interactive layer to the truck last year, we used a bespoke webapp for audiences to share messages directly to their loved ones, displayed on the side of the iconic truck.

Photo credit: Projection Artworks
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 09.10.2018
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