The Garden of Light, a unique multi-sensory installation for McArthurGlen group at Ashford Designer Outlet.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 11.11.2019
The thrill of live technology
Poland’s WWII History Commemorated In Captivating Outdoor Spectacle
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 25.10.2019
First 360 immersive experience with object-based spatial audio
New immersive room installation featuring the first hybrid spatial audio and multimedia demonstration system of its kind at our London head office.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 25.10.2019
Touch interactive OLED & LED Pop up
EXPO 2020 Touring Experience
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 05.06.2019
BBC Sounds takes over London Eye
The location will become the 'London Ear' for the day, with BBC shows being broadcast live and podcasts recorded in the capsules.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 05.06.2019
‘Tis the Season for Christmas Projections
Why do we love Christmas so much here at Projection Artworks?
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 09.10.2018
Interactivity for interactivity sake? We don’t think so.
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 30.08.2018
Emotion Tracking
The future of data collecting?
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 02.07.2018
Like-minded friends
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
Green Screen Vs Projection 
Is the green screen dying?
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
Ideas, direction and support
When are you ever disappointed by making something better?
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
The seamless beauty of creative, tech and production all in one room
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
Masters of glass projection
Masters of glass projection
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
Volumetric pixel mapped display
The ultimate story of convergence of display technologies
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
Always test and play
Testing the first 3D volumetric display
Posted by Lauren Abbott on 14.05.2018
Work: Cool Runnings
We partnered up with Nike to turn Shanghai’s Century Park into a digital playground for the hot-footed.
Posted by James Murray on 07.11.2016
PEOPLE: Ged Palmer
The art of lettering strikes an interesting balance between art and commerce, history and modern culture. Lettering has clout – culturally, politically, creatively. Lettering sells, inspires and communicates. And while Projection Artworks is a company interested in that bridge between commercial and artistic endeavour, we reached out to one of the talents who does lettering best.
Posted by James Murray on 20.07.2016
Windows of Opportunity

Saks Fifth Avenue, Bloomingdales, Selfridges, Liberty, Harrods: these shop windows are almost as famous as the store itself. And it’s because window dressing – in this digital era – means much, much more than a mannequin in a frock.  

Posted by James Murray on 20.07.2016
Lion King
It's not every day you win a Cannes Lion. But last month Projection Artworks had a taste of French Riviera success - helping to earn three of these accolades for our pioneering Excedrin project in collaboration with DDB Remedy.
Posted by James Murray on 20.07.2016
Seeing is believing
Forget tedious talks by the photocopier in a soulless grey office. Projection Artworks’ HQ is the antithesis of this – a state-of-the-art interactive new space in which to lose yourself, amuse yourself and experience unstoppably powerful projection technology in the making.
Posted by James Murray on 03.06.2016
WORK: Written in the Wind
The story: One company’s extraordinary 325-year history. The canvas: the world’s tallest windmill. Here’s what we created for master distiller Nolet…
Posted by James Murray on 03.06.2016
FEATURE: Move aside AR & VR
A 41% increase in sales left confectionery giant Quality Street singing the praises of our DisplayMapper technology; our MD Tom Burch elaborated with Talk Retail on the immense opportunity that projection mapping offers retailers here.
Posted by James Murray on 01.06.2016
FEATURE: Sweet Talking
Projection Artworks has been making waves in the world of retail, adding immersive layers to in-store environments to make shopping infinitely more memorable. Proof of this is our recent work for Nestlé’s Quality Street, which led to a remarkable 41% increase in customer sales.
Posted by James Murray on 13.04.2016
FEATURE: Ten Is The Magic Number
Event magazine recently published an article listing the five most impressive projection mapping stunts of the last year, and we’re proud to be the creator of every single one of them. Here, we’ve thrown a further five in the mix, making up a PA ten-year anniversary top ten.
Posted by James Murray on 29.02.2016
WORK: The World's Biggest Projection Mapping Show
The O2 Arena became the world’s biggest ever projection canvas this week thanks to our latest projection piece, which totalled 1.42million lumens - equivalent to 5,000 household lightbulbs.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 18.09.2015
WORK: Heineken's Virtual Ruby Stadium at Somerset House
To celebrate its partnership with the Rugby World Cup, Heineken asked us to transform Somerset House into a giant rugby stadium.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 17.09.2015
We Are Hiring: Senior VFX Motion Graphics Artist
The studio is looking for a new VFX master to join our team.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 02.07.2015
Back to the Future: A Decade of Innovation
For our tenth birthday we took things back to basics in order to explore how far we’ve come, creating a series of extraordinary optical illusions through the medium of craft – and all in a tight, ten-hour window.
Posted by James Murray on 16.06.2015
WORK: Harrods' interactive, ultra-bright Faberge egg
The world's first daylight visible projections lit up Harrods' famous windows this Easter with pioneering projection technology from our in-house development team and stand-out graphics from the creative studio.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 21.04.2015
PEOPLE: Lorna Carmen McNeill
We're excited to be working with multi-sensory artist Lorna Carmen McNeill, whose new exhibition for Wac Arts is inspiring creativity in London's young people.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 22.12.2014
WORK: BA 4D Model Mapping
Our mind-bending new project for British Airways incorporates 3D video mapping, 4D effects and a 1:20 scale model of an A380.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 19.11.2014
WORK: Audio-reactive projection mapping
Heineken rounded off its summer-long residency at Battersea Park with an exclusive VIP event, featuring audio-reactive video-mapping on Battersea Power Station to the sound of Jungle.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 12.09.2014
WORK: Ceiling projections
We took projection mapping to new heights with a circular ceiling projection for the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 29.07.2014
IDEA: Set Mapping
Projection mapping can turn ordinary conference and presentation sets into extraordinary centrepieces. We use projections to combine essential presentation feeds with dramatic 3D effects and branded ambient lighting.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 16.07.2014
WORK: Yahoo!'s Interactive Wonderland
We pulled together a bevy of interactive installations to help Yahoo! launch their customisable new homepage.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 21.06.2014
IDEA: Architectural Mapping
Our indoor team is used to mapping on to unusual things. We’ve projected on pretty much everything, from cars to shoes, bicycles and bottles. Often we design custom sets to map, but sometimes it’s possible to use the interior architecture of a venue as a projection canvas.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 07.06.2014
PEOPLE: JR - Photographer
We check out JR’s latest installation for the New York City Ballet and get thinking about how we, too, see the world as our gallery.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 02.04.2014
COMMENT: Awesome Social Media Marketing
Nowadays it’s not enough just to pump out generic marketing content from corporate Twitter and Facebook accounts. After all, social media is a two-way street.
Posted by Emily Gibson on 25.03.2014
WORK: Nike at Nou Camp
Thanks to Nike's ground-breaking new football boot, we've just ticked 'football stadium' off our bucket list...
Posted by Emily Gibson on 08.03.2014
We are Projection Artworks
Why is Projection Artworks like a platypus?
Posted by Emily Gibson on 20.02.2014


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